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@PaulKemp They love the fall foliage too, because the reds of autumn are back!! 

As Billy Joel sang, " basket of reds, basket of white... it all depends upon your appetite. " 🤣😂😉😇 my natural remedies beat the Sackler's poisons, any day of the week.  🌲


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@ohsotite aww that is so cute

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@maonekratom said:

<p>I will help the rabbit, that he wanted to say let me guard your tree.😁</p>

 Guard rabbit lol. 

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@PaulKemp Some smart wabbits!

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@peteypyro Do they seem to like the young White Vein leaves? "Buzzed Bunnies"?

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yep.... after this winter is over I plan on really cutting back on all my trees so they can explode