Private Kratom Based Social Network

What is MyKratom.Life?

MyKratom.Life is a private social media platform, news and information portal dedicated to Mitragyna Speciosa (the organic botanical known as Kratom). For centuries, humans have consumed leaves from the tropical tree native to Southeast Asia for it’s reported ability to control physical pain and to increase energy. In recent years, Kratom’s popularity exploded after the U.S. DEA’s 2016 attempt to ban the plant resulted in more than 100,000 U.S. Citizens backing a “We The People” petition for Presidential intervention. 

Eventually, the DEA pulled back, asking the FDA to produce a scientific analysis on Kratom to be used in a future consideration. Today, Kratom remains legal in the United States at a federal level, but is illegal in a small number of US cities and states. Discussions about Kratom and it’s usage on popular social media networks have been increasingly censored, resulting in account & group bans.

Unlike these social media conglomerates, MyKratom.Life:

  • Allows users to use either their real names or a username when interacting with the community.
  • Does not track you on the internet for adverting or “retargeting” purposes.
  • Does not give (or sell) developers or advertisers access to ANY user data for any reason.
  • Supports users 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.
  • Rewards users with points which can be redeemed for free or discounted merchandise through any of our affiliated partners. 

MyKratom.Life welcomes all individuals from all Kratom experience levels (including none) to participate. The community does not discriminate on anyone’s gender, race, color, religion, creed, orientation or political affiliation, nor does the community tolerate targeted harassment or illegal activity.

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