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The 1st day of MKL and what we’re planning from here

We would like to thank the 452 users who created 66 posts, 228 comments and 197 reactions on OPENING DAY! Sadly, there are 40 people who haven’t clicked on the activation link in the MKL Welcome Email 🙁 But, we’ll reach out to those users and see if we can give them a hand. 

The initial feedback you’ve given us on this community has been great! One of our primary goals was to make the user interface intuitive and minimal. So far, there have been no reports of major issues like crashing or failure to load. If you experience any issues, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note on our support line. We want to make sure everyone can join in on the experience and we’ll do our best to see that happen.

We’ve also seen some negative reactions on Facebook. One user had stated “MyKratom.Life is not an OPEN social media platform like MeWe… it’s just another vendor website to sell shit”. 

First, MyKratom.Life is not “another vendor website”. In fact, vending is not permitted in the community feed or in any public group. Since we’re not Joseph Stalin, we don’t want to “over-manage” the Community, ban all vending and prevent legitimate businesses from creating their own closed groups. That said, it has to be done safely. We can’t have just any business all willy-nilly selling lord knows what to a large group of people. Right now, we’re allowing vendors to submit a “Vetted Vendor Application” and in the next month or so, we’ll be announcing our requirements and process to those individuals. 

Second, is a private social media network for individuals who are interested in, or who take the organic botanical Kratom. Individuals who join and login are taken to the “Community Feed” where they can see posts, links, pictures, videos and polls from other users. While you can add friends, there isn’t a major need to. If you leave your “Feed Filter” as-is, you’ll see posts from every member of the site. MyKratom.Life is different because we’re not trying to be “the next big communication app”, we don’t have tons of users that aren’t interested in Kratom and thus, we don’t have to confirm to those individuals. 

Let’s take MeWe since it was mentioned. MeWe’s goal is to be “the next Facebook” and their promise is “no ads, no spyware, no bs”. I’ll save you time, if you signup this is what you see.

Notice anything about Kratom? We didn’t either. If you search for Kratom, there’s 3 groups with 300 to 700 people in them. Here, just like Facebook, you are subject to the greater community standards. If a non-Kratom group complains about a Kratom group, the same thing will happen. It’ll just be MeWe’s logo instead of Facebook’s in the deletion notice posted below. The other issue with groups is that if the group moderator doesn’t like you, you’re banned from the community. That’s not very fair.

What separates MyKratom.Life from the MeWes, Discords, Facebooks and Reddits of the internet is that we aren’t a group running on someone else’s platform. We are the platform. 

What are our goals with this platform?

The team behind MKL believes that Kratom is an organic plant with many benefits and that when responsibly sourced, lab tested and consumed responsibly, is completely safe and should be available to adults over the age of 18. To that extent, we want to see Kratom remain legal and to make progress in states and jurisdictions where it is currently not legal. Our first priority was launching a communication platform that could sustain multiple large groups of people while guaranteeing availability, freedom of speech and complete data privacy. Mission complete.

What's planned for the future?

There’s some major room for improvement in the Kratom Communities arsenal of grassroots tools to sustain the movement. The Kratom Associations & Non-Profits do a GREAT and TREMENDOUS job fighting for us and this plant, but let’s face it, the technology we need just isn’t there. That’s why we intend to launch a set of tools to assist Kratom advocates in locating & contacting their elected representatives and to receive and react to calls-to-action from Kratom Advocacy Groups, making it far easier for advocates to share calls-to-action with their friends, no matter what social platform they use. Importantly, these new tools will be available for all users of the MKL app.

MKL is not a Kratom Advocacy Group, nor do we aspire to be one. That task is far better suited to organizations like the American Kratom Association, Kratom United and the Botanical Education Alliance. When these organizations seek the Kratom Communities help with a call to action or information alert, we will help amplify their voice and provide users with the tools necessary to make their own voices heard. Please take note that MKL is not affiliated with or supported by any Kratom Advocacy Group, yet we intend to support all of them.

How can you help? Share!

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Thanks Levi Beers i downloaded the app and figured it out!
10 months ago
@peepso_user_375(Mike Danley) Awesome Mike!! Keep an eye out for the video soon.
10 months ago
@peepso_user_1(Levi Beers) Thank you For the site!
10 months ago
Will do thank you for your help!
10 months ago
Thank you for creating and sharing this online space with/for us.
10 months ago
I totally agree with you this is really nice. I also thank you for it as well!
10 months ago
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