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How we’re going to handle vendors, reviews & the MKL Marketplace

Rightfully so, we’ve had a lot of questions about vendors and vendor reviews, both positive and negative. Let’s start with the easiest, negative Kratom vendor reviews. We would like to ask Kratom Assholes if they would take the responsibility of handling complaints & issues regarding vendors from anywhere in the community to their group. Should we notice posts in the Community feed regarding this specific topic, admins will redirect users to KA. If they accept, they can begin doing so at any time, however they see fit. We will assist in any way needed. We simply ask that they continue to act in good & unbiased faith. That said we have “Kratom Assholes” and “Botanical Bitches”, for the sake of clarity can we remove the latter?

Now, let’s handle the more difficult issues of vendors. Per the user terms of service, MKL cannot be held responsible for any use or misuse of either the network, or any action you take as a result of the network. So, our concerns aren’t necessarily legal ones, they are ethical. First and foremost, we will not permit any overseas vendors from creating a group or holding an account. To protect MKL users from scams as well as other concerns, this action will be **strictly enforced**.

Second, we **are** going to permit certain vendor groups (soon). The requirements (we’re still evaluating some) to hold a closed group on MyKratom.Life will be as follows:

  • Vendors must have a legitimate business registered or incorporated in their state.
  • Vendors, as with any business, must pay their state & federal taxes.
  • Vendors may not make any health or well-being claims on any of their products.
  • Vendors may not have labeling that contains “not for human consumption”
  • Vendors must disclose whether or not they lab test every batch/lot of their product. If lab testing is claimed, the most recent labs as well as all future labs must be sent to MKL for analysis & authenticity inspection. Vendors that do not lab test or that do not lab test every batch/lot will be labeled in “Non-Lab Testing Vendors” group category. Vendors who do in fact lab test every batch/lot will be labeled in “Lab Tested Kratom Vendors” group category.
  • Vendors must keep updated information on file with MKL including the names of the business owners, their business address, customer service phone number, customer service email address.
  • Vendors must post announcements/specials/news to their group from a MKL business account that we’ll provide. This account may not post to the Community Feed. Any posts to the Community Feed must come from your personal account that you’ve created for yourself.
  • Vendors will be assigned a “Vetted Vendor” badge on their business account which will appear on their profile as well as when they make posts or comments so users know it’s authenticity.
  • Vendors who repeatedly fail in good faith to handle customer service issues risk being removed from the network.

While these requirements on vendors won’t be popular with every user or vendor, we believe them to be necessary in our goal of providing a safe platform.

Note: All vendors who wish to obtain a closed group must complete this form.

The MKL Marketplace

Soon users will have an additional option in their menu called “Marketplace”. We envision marketplace being a network of vendors that have quality, safe, lab tested products and put forward a great effort to achieve the happiest customers. When an MKL user navigates to Marketplace, they’ll be able to search for products, filter or browse by category & vendor, download and review lab results & information about the vendor, and finally purchase directly from the app using their credit card. On their next order, the system will remember their billing and shipping address, but will require the user to re-enter their credit card number. MKL will not have a “save credit card” feature. Users who purchase from MKL have the option to review the product at a later date. When reviewed, the review will be posted to the MKL Community Feed.

Not all vendors will qualify (or desire) to be a part of the MKL Marketplace. We understand that some do not believe in the importance or necessity of laboratory testing and we understand that doing it increases cost and reduces profit, however, we believe in assuring to the best of our ability, the safety and health of our customers above all else.

One thing the Marketplace will not be, is a race to the cheapest kilo. For example, one vendor who will appear on the marketplace uses a 3rd generation farmer with extensive private land overseas. Once in the US, it goes to the lab before being sold. They would without question destroy an entire batch if it meant preventing even one person from getting sick. We want to make sure that all vendors in the Marketplace believe the same way.

The Users Choice

By placing the “Marketplace” in the navigation menu and not in the bottom tab area, we are giving users the choice if they want to see the marketplace or avoid it completely. Some users will want only the community discussion experience and others will want the conveinence of interacting with others and placing an order in the same app. As mentioned earlier, users will also be able to navigate to both lab tested & non lab tested kratom groups if they wish.

Positive Reviews / Plugs

We believe the best solution to people who want to leave positive reviews is to create a closed group called “Kratom Vendor Reviews” where people can go to post. We will not allow vendor reviews (other than those from the Marketplace) to the Community Feed. Not sure if Kratom Assholes would again like to take the reigns with this but we could set up the group & assign ownership if they’d like.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

We will always hear feedback from the Community and here we’re seeking it.

  • What do you think of our vendor requirements?
  • Do you care about the batch your Kratom belongs to being tested for mold, metals, toxins and bacteria
  • Are you good with going to Kratom Assholes to vent your vendor related frustrations?
  • Are you good with going to Kratom Vendor Reviews if you want to should out your guy?
  • What do you think of the MKL Marketplace idea?
  • Do you have any other issues or suggestions for us?

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Where was the questions you wanted answered to become put in the lab tested vendor section? Levi
10 months ago
@peepso_user_759(Tracey_Lynn) Here you go
Join the private, kratom-based social networking community, information hub and resource center MyKratom.Life!
10 months ago
9 months ago
I think keeping the community feed clear like you guys plan is a good idea. On the app, when you click "Groups" you have to click "Group Categories" to see different types of groups here, is there any way you could default to the "Group Category" view first?
10 months ago
Will group and personal pages have the freedom to do vendor reviews, or will they be in the marketplace only?
9 months ago
@peepso_user_597(David Winkler) we have a few groups listed under the Vendor Reviews & Suggestions category -- any of those are fine.
9 months ago
I think that keeping this main feed clear and moving vendor suggestions & reviews to groups is a good move. Some Facebook groups are literally nothing but "BUY BUY BUY". Sure, people want to buy but let them choose.
9 months ago
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