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The attacks from the DEA are escalating to ban Kratom

Kratom Warriors:

We’re sounding the alarm.  If Scott Gottlieb continues to spew his lies about kratom, the DEA will schedule it.

A few days ago, we recognized the anniversary of the Notice of Scheduling for kratom.  Make no mistake, they tried to schedule kratom once and the FDA wants to do it again.

We need your help today to save kratom from being scheduled.  Actually, we need your help right now.


Scott Gottlieb has declared war on kratom and he is filling Twitter, social media, and the mainstream media with one attack after another with one lie after another.

Gottlieb is saying kratom is a dangerously addictive opioid that kills people.

The scientists say that is not true – not even close.

Scott Gottlieb’s audience is not just the DEA.

He is talking directly to state policy makers too.

And Gottlieb’s anti-kratom campaign is working in some places. 

That is why we are asking for your help right now!

The Arizona Board of Pharmacy voted several weeks ago to recommend to the Arizona legislature to ban kratom.

That is one more state where we will have to hire lobbyists and fight yet another battle.

And Gottlieb’s lies are designed to convince county and city officials to ban kratom too.

Naperville, Illinois is just the latest city to start the process to ban kratom.

If you are watching news feeds, you can see that coroners and medical examiners are buying the Gottlieb lies about kratom too – a kid dies in a car accident and the coroner claims it is because of kratom.

This is shaping up to be one of the toughest fights against the FDA anyone has ever had to fight.

But we refuse to knuckle under to the government, and we hope you will join us in fighting as hard as we can.

We are proud of what we have done at the American Kratom Association so far.

But, trust me, Scott Gottlieb is hating what we are doing.

That is why he is ramping up his attacks.

Scott Gottlieb wants the DEA to schedule kratom so he can put us out of business.

  • We have our science team fighting back.
  • We have our lobbyist team fighting back.
  • We have our social media team and a new PR firm fighting back.

All of that because of your support.

We need your help again, and we need you to send a contribution right away.

We know this is a big ask, but you’ve stood with me before, and together we can save kratom.



Dave Herman

Chairman, AKA

#teamAKA  #followthescience  #educatingthemasses

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The American Kratom Association is committed to restoring full consumer access to kratom and to preserve and protect the freedom of consumers in the United States to make their own choices on their well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
9 months ago
@peepso_user_233(MyKratom.Life News) I have donated and written to as many people I can think of. My letter to Scott Gottlieb has received no response. Gee, no surprise there. I have tried writing to the President but get some bogus reply that I know isn't coming from him. There has to be a better way to reach him. Mr. Gottlieb needs to recuse himself from this issue!
9 months ago
Anyone interested in writing to their local reps in addition to donating to the AKA can use the pinned Democracy.IO tool below.
9 months ago
Oh no Arizona! I'm in Az what can I do?
9 months ago
I'm dealing with the worst financial crisis I've ever had and still want to donate..I'll be back on my feet soon and will donate every dollar I can, just praying I'm not too late to help.
9 months ago
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