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Urgent Call to Action: Ask your Senators to oppose SITSA

Dear Kratom Warriors:

We need your help today! 

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte is demanding the U.S. Senate put SITSA back into the Senate Substitute H.R. 6, that passed on a vote of 99-1 in the U.S. Senate.  Chairman Goodlatte is reportedly holding final passage of the opioid bill hostage UNLESS the Senate is willing to add the provisions of the SITSA bill back into H.R. 6 as it was passed by the House. 

Senate Substitute H.R. 6 represents a legislative package that will dramatically change the landscape in the battle against opioid addiction in America.  The Senate Substitute recognized those parts of the House version of the opioid legislative package that were non-controversial and that need to be implemented as quickly as possible. 

But the SITSA provisions in the House version of H.R. 6 are highly controversial, and the U.S. Senate must hold hearings and consider needed amendments to ensure a host of unintended and potentially harmful provisions are not part of a final opioid bill. 

The American Kratom Association asks you to contact your Senators to urge the U.S. Senate to stand firm and not cave in to the House demands to include SITSA in H.R 6.

The House-passed version of SITSA would grant unprecedented powers to the Attorney General that would completely bypass regular rulemaking in the scheduling of substances that are safely used by millions of Americans, rather than the dangerous street concoctions of dangerous chemicals and synthetic analogues of them that SITSA should address.

The Senate needs to carefully consider needed amendments to ensure that new powers granted to the Attorney General are limited only to the areas where new synthetic chemical compounds are flooding our communities with truly dangerous street drugs.

The House is now demanding the Senate yield to SITSA to include it in H.R. 6 without conducting its own Hearings to determine if the new powers to ban substances and impose extraordinarily harsh penalties with no oversight or consideration of the scientific evidence on the safety or addiction profile of botanical substances like kratom.

Click on the link below to send your message immediately to your Senators to raise your objections to the demands being made by the House to include SITSA in H.R. 6, and the impact that it will have on the freedom millions of Americans currently have to safely and responsibly use kratom.


American Kratom Association

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Please please please, take time to do this,as in reality it's much bigger than just saving our access to Kratom, it's truly about freedom to make our own choices, thanks in advance for standing up for yourself and your right to choose,gbu LabRat 😁
9 months ago
is there a pre written letter or do we share our own thoughts?
9 months ago
i figured it out, is there any way we can get more people to do this?
9 months ago
The only way I've had any success with getting more support for the cause is to proactively share/inform/educate potential supporters,and to point out the bigger picture of individual personal freedom to choose,what and how we treat ourselves medically,as I thoroughly believe in making informed decisions
9 months ago
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