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SITSA will not be added to opioid legislation – AKA

Dear Kratom Warriors,

Our lobbyist just called, so I wanted to share with you the great news….because of your outreach over the last few days, the Senate has stood firm and decided that SITSA WILL NOT be added to the other opioid legislation.  

I have been truly humbled as I’ve seen the outpouring of action from the kratom community.  With thousands of emails and phone calls flooding Capitol Hill, you sent a loud message to lawmakers that they needed to oppose SITSA – and your voices were heard

Earlier this evening I spoke with a staff member on the Hill who commented that they were shocked how many people reached out to the Senate about kratom. 

His exact words, “the kratom folks sure know how to fight.”

He’s absolutely right. 

While this is a very positive development in the fight to protect kratom, we cannot lose focus that enemies of kratom still want it banned.  We must keep up the pressure and let lawmakers know we will not give up.  

From the whole team at the American Kratom Association, I want to personally thank you for your swift action in helping defeat the inclusion of SITSA….today has been a good day in the fight to protect kratom.


Dave Herman


American Kratom Association

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I love AKA so much.
9 months ago
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