Download MyKratom.Life (MKL) 2.0!

MyKratom.Life is a free private social media network, news and information portal dedicated to Mitragyna Speciosa (the organic botanical known as Kratom). MKL features real-time communication similar to Facebook, but without being bombarded by ads or having your data sold on a daily basis. MKL is available as a phone app and is also accessible via your web browser.

The Community launched late August 2018 and currently has 750 members. In September we’ll be releasing the MKL Marketplace and bringing a number of advocacy tools to the platform in October. MKL is not a Kratom Advocacy Group but does share news & information from many such groups. 

Unlike many other social networks, MyKratom.Life:

  • Allows users the choice to use their real names or a username when interacting with the community.
  • Does not track you around the web for adverting purposes.
  • Does not give (or sell) developers or advertisers access to ANY user data.
  • Does not store detailed personally identifying information (PII) or your interests. 
  • Rewards users with points which can be redeemed for free or discounted merchandise through the MKL Marketplace (coming soon!)
  • Utilizes powerful grassroots advocacy tools from the Electronic Frontier Foundation such as Democracy.IO

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